My Spiffy Premiere

Hello all! My name is Elizabeth, and I'm one of the new co-editors of this corking blog! It's quite an honor for Kate and Casey to invite me to be a part of this, so hopefully my posts will be just as entertaining and stylish as theirs!

A few things you should know about me:

1. I love silent films. Anything by or with Cliff Edwards, Charley Chase, King Vidor, Harry Langdon, Karl Dane, Roscoe Arbuckle, Erich Von Stroheim, Harold Lloyd or Buster Keaton suits me right down to the ground. As far as I'm concerned the talkie ruined the movie.

2. I'm a knitter. A knitter of the most rabid sort. I crochet, embroider, and sew too, but I don't get so raucous about them. I'm probably going to post links to lots of knitting patterns, so if any of you happen to be knitters - hurrah for you!

3. I love music from 1925-1935. Particularly Cliff Edwards, Al Bowlly, Django Reinhardt, Annette Hanshaw, and Gene Austin.

4. I dress in a rather boring manner. I hate to admit it, but I do. For me Keds, feedsack dresses from 1920s patterns, and berets are the height of style. Cardigans are the greatest thing ever in my book.

5. I drink tons of tea. My goal is to put Samuel Johnson to shame.

6. I wish I was a character in a P. G. Wodehouse book so I could have a bizarre name and use the bully slang.

7. I collect vintage books and 1920s sheet music. Especially sheet music with ukulele accompaniments and wildly cheerful covers.

Well, I think that's all you need to know about me! If this little autobiography has interested you any, you can visit my main blog, "Oh By Jingo! Oh By Gee!" or my secondary blog "The Flapper's Personal Kinetoscope Parlor". And I thus end my post with some fun sheet music from my collection!

The Millie has arrived.

Hello all! (I just said that in a British accent. Cause I took Sarah's advice. I am now ten times cooler!)

My name is Millie (okay, not really, but that's my classic film internet nickname...looong story)!

The photo of me on the sidebar (the two year-old with the crazed expression of their face) is actually a pretty accurate description of my personality, interestingly enough.

Um, I probably was not the best person to be asked to join a cool blog like this, and I hope Kate and Casey shall not rue the day (I love saying that phrase for absolutely no reason!) they invited me!

They were actually rather cautious when they invited me! I shall directly quote my invitation: "You guys know the site, it's basically a place to post anything that you love (or anything that's spiffy!) (One exception: no random Alias Smith and Jones photos. Sorry, Millie.)"

Are you kidding me? Kid's mustache from hell is sooo stylish!

Okay, sorry, moving on:

I am a teenage adorer of all things vintage.

I am an extreme advocate for my gorgeous home state of Washington! (Please do not call it Washington state. It is simply Washington. And Washington D.C. is Washington D.C. NOT Washington...I am also a dork)

I have a slight addiction to Ricola cherry honey cough drops.

I make and sell bags made out of recycled materials(especially old rice bags) you can check out my Etsy shop here. However I have not uploaded anything to the site yet, so all you will see is a banner with elephants on it...but, if you somehow feel it looks promising! Do feel free to heart it! ;-D

I really don't like Jimmy Stewart (which apparently is a really unpopular thing to say around the old movie blogging community....I've received death threats.......well, not really! But, one person did say not to walk in front of them down a dark alley...seriously!)

I eat a lot of organic/all natural food.

I love trees.

I think the 60's were a brilliant style period.

I love rain boots and bubble umbrellas.


I have recently started making classic film inspired finger puppets.

If I exclaim, "Wowzie Kazam!" or "JUNK IT!" ...that's normal.

I talk way too much.

I blog about vintage stuff.

The world would probably be a significantly better place if everyone watched
Gidget Goes Hawaiian on a regular basis.

Okay, I really need to wrap this up!

Anyways, I am beyond delighted with this honor! Thank you so much Kate and Casey!

And, I PROMISE when I post in the future it WILL be about Spiffy, stylish, cool things! This post was just to introduce myself to you!


^Okay, I'm sorry! I couldn't resist, but this is the ONLY time EVER!


Hey, dolly!

I'm Sarah! I'm 16 and currently tolerating my junior year in high school. I use weird words and phrases that I (usually) make up. I love theater and drama and plan on going to college for exactly that :) I'm also a smiley addict... :)

I love old movies, patterned tights, and ANYTHING 1960's related. I lose my marbles a little everytime I see something vintage. I dig classic rock, like anything from The Beatles, The Doors, The Animals...anything with a "the" in front of it, basically. OH and I absolutely love Donovan, my dear little Donny :)

I write silly stories.
I air guitar...on a very frequent basis...in other words A LOT.
I like odd, not-your-everyday-attire acessories and clothing.
I'm a tumblr/twitter addict.
I like speaking in British accents; try it, you'll sound 10 time cooler. Trust me.
I think you'll like me...I hope!
My old movie blog!

See ya round... :D

Flapper Flask

This is the most adorable flask I've ever seen -- okay, to be honest it's probably the only flask I've ever seen. I'm not that kind of girl. But you know, it doesn't have to be for liquor.

I'm thinking that this would be the perfect vessel for my love, grapefruit juice. Constantly in my bag, at my side, wherever I go. Refreshing ruby red at my fingertips whenever I feel parched. Of course if grapefruit juice isn't your thing (what's wrong with you?) you could fill this flask with anything from water to jelly beans, it doesn't matter. Even if you carry it empty- it's just too cute to pass up!

From Modcloth - $34.99


The perfect double finger ring

I'm a big fan of double-finger rings -- they are so much more unique and interesting than a standard ring. I've been on the lookout for a perfect one for years, and I finally found it today.

StarsforSydell makes the rings to order, so they are handcrafted just for your fingers. The oxidized finish is subtle and not too showy, but the tiny cubic zirconia setting gives the ring just the right amount of sparkle!

$72 from StarsforSydell

Spiffy premiere for Lolita

Hiya, everyone!

I was recently invited as a co-blogger on Spiffy, and I thought I'd make a short announcement on the matter.

So, I'm the slightly disturbed Lolita over at Lolita's Classics. Don't take it too hard - I'm a nice girl, even though I practically am the spawn of Satan according relatives.

I'm a nerdy nerd hardcore film nerd who likes to shop for second hand dresses with big colorful flower patterns. I mostly listen to 1960's music, but when it comes to films I'm a sucker for every decade. And to fashion? Well, the greatest part of my heart belongs to the 1920's flapper age and the 1960's, but I like to combine everything pretty that I can find. Let's say it like this:

A few days ago I accused my 30 year old cousin that a blouse she had bought might make her look old, to which my mother answered with a laugh, a pointed finger in my direction and the statement "Ha! And that comes from the one wearing an orange cleaner's coat with big flower's à la my grandmother!"
Yes, her grandmother. Jeez. It's hard trying to be original!

Anyways, I think you might have gotten yourself an idea of my personality and who I am. At least, enough of it. Does anyone know where to find a black velvet hat like the one I'm wearing below? It has a huge black velvet rose on the front, and as being inherited from my great grandaunt it was my absolute favorite hat when I was a little girl. I would scream of delight if I found a similar hat again.

From the looks of the photo below, can you believe that I had a hard time making friends when I was little? Haha.


unicorn etsy finds

I'm not exactly sure why, but I think unicorns are one of the most awesome things ever. Maybe it's because inside I'm still a Pretty-Pretty-Princess-playing-My-Little-Pony-watching-Easy-Bake-Oven-cooking-kind of girl, but every time I see a unicorn item I really have to try hard to keep myself from buying it.

{vintage rotary phones}

Anthropologie's lovely thick Christmas catalog just arrived yesterday with many exciting gift ideas. These phones are so thrilling, we just had to share them with you. Each is newly restored in Argentina. Who needs cell phones with vintage beauties like these?

Vintage Rotary Phones...5 colors...$198 each


giveaway {knit hat}

It's the first Spiffy giveaway!! To be honest, I've been meaning to do one for a while but only when I accidentally ordered two of the same hat did I get around to it! This is a really unique knit winter hat that's shaped like a glamorous 1940's style turban. I wore mine today with tiny silver hoops, and I felt like a bona fide movie star.

You can get up to three entries:
1. Leave a comment -- if your blogger profile does not link to an email address, please leave one in the comment.
2. Follow Spiffy -- if you already follow, or follow now, please leave a separate comment letting us know!
3. Tweet about the giveaway. Please leave a separate comment if you tweet, with your twitter username.

Giveaway ends on Sunday November 8th at 12am EST.
A winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Monday morning!

Good luck!!

ps. You may have noticed that me and Casey now have company on the editorial sidebar! All of our new co-editors will be introducing themselves throughout the week, so stay tuned! :D
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