I'm in a bit of a financial jam so I put five of my coats up on ebay. The starting bid for each of them is $15, but if you're definitely interested in one of them, I can take down the listing and sell it to you for $20, so you don't have to bid -- provided the item doesn't have any bids yet. Shipping is $4.95 for each coat, or $8 total if you combine two or more coats. These are all size L, but they run on the small side.

Forever 21 Coat with matching belt.
Original cost - $39
Starting bid - $15
Condition- Never worn
Size L

Brown & tan trench coat from Ruche
Original cost - $46.99
Starting bid - $15
Size L
Waist tie is mine, not included.

Purple polka dotted trench coat from Forever 21.
Original cost - $29.80
Starting bid - $15
Condition: never worn
Size L

Forever 21 funnel neck coat
Original cost - $45.80
Starting bid - $15
Condition- like new, but one button is a little loose
Size L

Black and white coat from Ruche
Original cost - $49.99
Starting bid - $15
Condition: never worn
Size L


floral footwear

I think these shoes are absolutely to die for! Has anyone ever bought shoes from F21 before? A lot of people make fun of or deride the store for having poor quality clothing (while I'll admit it's not Gucci, the stuff looks pretty nice for what you pay and usually lasts at least five years in my closet -- good enough for me on my measly income) and while I personally think their clothes hold up fine, I've always been tentative to buy their shoes. I guess I'm just worried that they'll either be painful to walk in, or the heels will snap out from under me.

I'm not in a position to be buying shoes right now, but just wondering if anyone has bought them there, and how they hold up? :)

F21- Boutique Floral Pump - $24.80


connector rings

I have a strange obsession with connector, or two-finger rings. Except for claddagh rings (more about those on Saint Patricks Day :) I seldom ever wear single-finger rings. There's just something so striking about the connectors, and it is so unique that it alone can complete an outfit, without any help from necklaces or bracelets.

I still don't own the *perfect* two-finger ring, but these come very close to my ideal -- you can click on the images to visit the product pages.

I love this one, but I'm not sure if I want to be saying "I love you" to everyone who looks at my hand..


the gummy bear chandelier

Unfortunately, these aren't real gummy bears - though I guess if they were the chandelier would be eaten in an evening. But this is truly impressive nonetheless. Made from 5,000 acrylic gummy bears strung by hand, each light fixture takes 2 months to finish.

From JELLIO, found by our lovely editor Raquelle via Craftzine


A Persephone Sale

Remember when our editor Raquelle introduced us all to the wonders of Persephone Books? Well, we have marvelous news about them today!

Persephone is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on their Persephone Classics series in honor of England's Mothering Sunday. This sale lasts from now until Midnight on Wednesday (3/10/10) UK time. For those of you in the Eastern US, that's 7pm on Tuesday night (3/9/10).

Here are the instructions for claiming the deal:

When ordering online you should only pay for two books, and then write in the Additional Information box: Mothering Sunday Offer and the title of the third Classic you would like. In the same box please let us know whether the books are going to you or whether they should be sent directly to your mother with a card, and if so what the card should say.

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