elle moss photography

Meet Elle Moss, the brilliantly talented photographer responsible for these amazing images. My favorites are the candy colored series below. They have a surreal, technicolor film feel about them which I find utterly appealing. I've always had this dream that if I was ever put in charge of making a film (yeah, I know - that'll be the day!), I would use technicolor film and tons of brightly colored outfits. Anyway, Elle Moss' photos remind me of that dream.

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Curiouser and curiouser

This next series has a darker tone, but are still whimsical and intriguing.


gifts for a not-so-typical dad

My dad doesn't wear a tie. His toolbox contains one really old hammer, a circular saw that doesn't work and some screwdrivers. He is not a fix-it-guy. He does not fish. He does not play golf. I don't know what he would do if I gave him cufflinks.

What do you do when your dad doesn't fit ANY of the stereotypes that Father's Day presents are geared towards? Browsing the circulars that came in my Sunday paper, I found nothing that would suit my pop. 

I looked on etsy and added all of these items to my favorites... the handmade movement will be mad at me, though, since I finally decided to buy him tickets to see his favorite singer in concert next month instead. But if your dad is anything like my dad, he'd probably like these spiffy presents, too:

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