The Spiffy Urban Outfitters Gift Guide

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting some suggestions for holiday shopping at different online shops-- first up is Urban Outfitters.

The fashion emergency kit ($12) contains a nail file, elastic hairbands, blister bandages, a mini sewing kit and more-- a fantastic stocking stuffer!

Neff knit headphones
($42) These look like the most comfortable headphones ever!

Pet Playhouse ($32) I have two cats, and I know from experience that they will choose an ugly cardboard box over a pretty cat house every day of the week. But what about a cute cat house that's made out of cardboard?! I am SO getting this firetruck for my kitties - little will they know that I've finally outsmarted them. (They also carry one that looks like a tank)

Faux Fur Muffler ($28) UO carried this last year, and I decided not to get one despite my years-long search for a faux fur muff. Once they sold out I realized my mistake and spent endless hours perusing the listings on ebay for a used one. As soon as I saw this posted on their site today I knew I'd be regretting it for the rest of my life if I didn't cave in and purchase.

Cateye Readers ($6.99) I've always had 20/20, but when I was little I wanted glasses so badly that I'd pretend to read the wrong numbers & letters on the eye chart at the doctor's. I never fooled them, but I eventually realized that bad eyesight isn't necessary to sport a cute pair of cheaters.

Chunky Bow Beret ($34) This perfectly adorable hat would look perfect with just about any winter ensemble but I'd prefer to see it wrapped neatly in red and green and waiting under the tree for me on Christmas morning.

Oui Posts ($12) I think these are delightfully French, even though I'm pretty sure that real French people would never wear them.. (would we wear earrings that said "yes, yes"?) Nevertheless, I think they're adorable.

Fish Plaque Sculpture Ditsy Floral
($9.99) Not quite sure if this is really awful or out-of-this-world-awesome yet. What do you think?


Elizabeth's Flickr Finds: Soldiers and Their Sweethearts

When she invited me to be a part of Spiffy, Kate asked me if I would kindly do a weekly feature of vintage photos I've found on Flickr, because any and all vintage Flickr photos are not safe from me. I will hunt them down like a lion on a baby gazelle - I leap, I click "Add As Favorite" and then brag about my fabulous find to whoever will listen. I've chosen to make my Flickr Find day Monday, because I do my best hunting on the weekend.

This first Flickr Find is themed "Soldiers and Their Sweethearts", because the 11th is Veterans Day, and I thought it would be nice to honor with with some antique photos I've found!

Chéri Hérouard - La Vie Parisienne - Le Tour Du Heros, 2. Two Ladies Visit The Cavalry [1], 3. No. 10 - home leave?, 4. Two Ladies Visit The Cavalry [2], 5. No. 4 - The lovers, 6. Sailor of HMAS "Australia" fondles woman's string of pearls, c. 1929 / by Sam Hood, 7. WWI U.S. Sailor and Wife during 1918 Flu Pandemic, 8. Spring 1917, 9. McCalls, December 1917

Good news and bad news

Good news: I found the most perfect dress EVER on Modcloth today- it is a combination of some of my favorite colors, has an incredibly flattering cut & lovely mod design.

Bad news: It's $199. I wouldn't even pay that much for a new television, let alone a dress! eek! Unless it's made by fairies with fabric woven from moonbeams, no dress should cost more than a months' worth of groceries! Not even one as perfect as this!!

Of course, if you have $199 to spare (I hate you.) - it's available at Modcloth here.

Dear Spiffy - It's me Raquelle!

Hey there Spiffy readers.

My name is Raquelle and I blog over at Out of the Past (http://outofthepastcfb.blogspot.com) and Thoughtful Eating (http://thoughtfuleating.blogspot.com).

My style has always been very classic. I like clean lines, classic shapes and jewel tones. I'm addicted to Cloche hats, winter coats, leather gloves, dresses and skirts. Polka dots make me infinitely happy, especially if they are small. I love putting a variety of colors together to see if they work and my outfits often have up to 5 or 6 different colors. Matchy-matchy is boring, it's fun to experiment!

I'm very influenced by the dress of the late 1920s and early 1930s. If I could dress like I was in a pre-code movie, I totally would. But really, every decade of the 20th century had something to stylish to offer for inspiration. I like to consider myself vintage-modern, giving a contemporary twist to vintage style.

My style is cramped by crippling buyer's remorse and a tight budget so I'm always on the look out for a good deal to justify my purchase.

But I'm not all about clothes and movies. I love to cook and have recently been getting into fun food photography. Also, I work in the book industry so I hope to showcase some Spiffy books on here too!

Peace out.

giveaway winner!

The winner of the first Spiffy giveaway is Lrc! Congratulations! You can send your address to spiffydesignblog@yahoo.com


The perfect winter hat

My friend has this slouchy beret in red, and I wore it for kicks the other day. IT'S SO PERFECT I can't even tell you! It's warm and soft, with the perfect slouch to it. And it's a total bargain! I'm definitely ordering one, I just can't decide which color!
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