pincushion buttons

This jacket has huge pincushion buttons on the front, sleeves and shoulders! I've never seen anything like this before and it has me fascinated. I'm sure these buttons are just for show and there are some fabric covered snaps hiding behind them, but don't they make lovely embellishments?

pincushion flower jacket - Ruche, $52.99


Lots of new awesomeness

Since I'm a bit of a fashion dork, I check Forever 21's New Arrivals section every morning when I read my blogs and news.. I don't usually buy anything but I just love gawking at all the beautiful clothes.

This week they added some super-cute stuff that I had to share :) The pictures link to the items!

I didn't realize it at first, but I guess I'm really concentrating on black and white this year...



I want this dress so much, it's painful, but it is out of my price range. :( It's absolutely resplendent in its 1920s-1930s charms though! Can't you just picture it with a matching cloche and a big, funky brooch?

Elizabeth's Flickr Finds: Winter Sports

In honor of the Winter Olympics, today's Flickr Finds are winter sport themed! (Aren't the Victorian skaters adorable?)

1. 191x - Lausanne - Rue du Débarcadère - Enea Bossi Sr, 2. 1939 January - Harry A. Crovo Jr. (second from the left), and his hockey buddies at Hebron Academy in Hebron, Maine, 3. Curling is a serious sport, 4. 1926 01 xx - xxxxx - Enea Jr, Enea, Charles, 5. 1914c - Central Park; Children on sleds (Library of Congress), 6. Skiing - late 1930s, 7. Ladies' toboggan race, 8. Grandpa, 9. woman on skis
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