Flapper Flask

This is the most adorable flask I've ever seen -- okay, to be honest it's probably the only flask I've ever seen. I'm not that kind of girl. But you know, it doesn't have to be for liquor.

I'm thinking that this would be the perfect vessel for my love, grapefruit juice. Constantly in my bag, at my side, wherever I go. Refreshing ruby red at my fingertips whenever I feel parched. Of course if grapefruit juice isn't your thing (what's wrong with you?) you could fill this flask with anything from water to jelly beans, it doesn't matter. Even if you carry it empty- it's just too cute to pass up!

From Modcloth - $34.99


Elizabeth said...

Wow, you've never seen any other flask? The antique stores around here have tons of them! I've even seen those big brown jugs to hold moonshine! I joked to my mom that I should buy all of them and open a still - or start a jug band!

Down and Out Chic said...

i AM that kind of girl and this would be the perfect vessel for whiskey (or grapefruit juice). :)

Lolita said...

I need it! Now! I already sent a link to my boyfriend so he will remember it for a Christmas gift ;)

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