A trip to Florence, Italy

I caught Samantha Brown's travel show this morning (love it, by the way!) and naturally she was in one of the most beautiful places on earth-- Florence Italy. I've always wanted to escape from New Jersey-- pretty much anywhere else would be fine-- but now I think I'm going to be more specific. You'll never guess where I want to live now... ahem... a girl can dream!


from Modcloth!! In 6 colors!!
Three-quarter length!! -


I had to have it.

I went on Modcloth for my daily exercise in window shopping -- and saw this. My heart actually stopped beating for a few seconds.

Knowing how quickly they sell out of things, I added it to my cart and then started fishing around to see if I wanted to buy anything else (I always do this because I figure that if I go back and buy something again I need to spend more on shipping. Easier to just buy everything in one big lump.) That's when I remembered this coat that I was lusting after last week.

I bought the hat & the coat. I'm practically broke now, but who cares about money when you've got such a spiffy hat on your head & coat on your shoulders ;)

life with christian bale...

My adoration for Christian Bale knows no end, apparently, since I was powerless over the urge to share this with you...

Make sure you click through to the Etsy listing and read what the artist has written. I know just what she means. ;)

Christian Bale Home Sketchbook Spread Print...$25


Sabrina Coat

From J Peterman:

When Sabrina was in France going to cooking school and soaking up some savoir-faire, one of her many mentors took her to an exclusive shop and bought this jacket for her.

(The part of the movie you didn't see.)

She'd button it all the way up when she wanted to appear innocent, which she was.

She'd unbutton when she wanted to be less innocent.

She had gamine down pat.

As, of course, the actress that inhabited her.

When she came back to America, it took a while (men are so dumb) but it was reason enough for Humphrey to leave his company behind to his charming, hair-brained brother, to be with Sabrina, her jacket, and experience everything he was missing.

I found this in Paris and it could be what you've been missing.

50's Sabrina High Button Jacket (No. 2490). An A-line in a soft brushed cotton double-breasted cut that ends exactly where it should. You'll work that collar as she did. Six real horn buttons. Two pleats on each side and inverted box pleat down center back enhance line further. Did I mention it was fully lined? Or that you would look splendid in it?

If you've ever wanted to cut your hair short, this is the jacket for it.

J Peterman is one of my favorite catalogs to browse and actually read because all their product descriptions are like the above. If you have a moment, take a spin on their site or better yet, have them send you a catalog. It's an experience in itself.

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