A 1940's Summer

40's Inspired Summer Set
40's Inspired Summer Set by NoirGirl featuring Monsoon accessories

Ah, the 1940's. Travel back to a golden age of fashion with this simple (and surprisingly cheap) outfit. Walk along the beach with a handsome
uniformed gentleman gallantly offering you his arm (the same gentleman whose photograph is discreetly kept inside your locket bracelet). If you have time, take a swim in the Esther Williams inspired suit. Afterward you can cover up in your lovely gingham robe and have a picnic lunch on the sand. Don't forget the picnic basket!


UO accessories love

I love the idea of summer scarves, there is just something so breezy and lovely about them. This one is at the top of my summer scarf wish list. The best thing about summer scarves? Lightweight, cool alternative to a jacket, but will still keep you warm when you go in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store.

The note inside reads "How much do I love thee, Let me count the ways" but it looks to me like the cork can come off to add your own note. Either way, it's a beautiful, romantic necklace. Reminds me of the message-in-a-bottle letter service offered by Jessica at Miniature Rhino. (By the way, Jessica did the most fantastic custom embroidery for my parents anniversary this year. Click here to see it...)

I purchased this last November (before it was on sale... darn!) and it is THE. BEST. BAG. EVER. Trust me, this bag is amazing. It is the perfect size- not too big, not too small. It has long enough straps to fit over bulky coats in the winter, but it's straps are thin and summery enough to go with sleeveless dresses in the summer. I'm actually contemplating buying a second one as backup now that it's on clearance... that is how good this bag is!



Lauren Knuckles' hand sculpted jewelry is a joy to behold. Each perfect but unique little piece is a lovely surprise, begging you to add it to your wardrobe of accessories. Her pieces remind me of vintage Bakelite jewelry from the 1940's, something I've always adored.

{Lauren's Etsy}
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Leaf Posts

Very Bright Orange Rose Pendant
I included this beauty especially for Kate, who is a big fan of orange! :)

Bright Teal Lotus Ring

Hand Sculpted Violet Rose Post Earrings

Aside from the amazing jewelry, Lauren also sculpts home decor items like the lovely Dahlia Sculpture and gorgeous Trinket Box below.

Dahlia Flower

White Chrysanthemum Trinket Box
Ooh, I wish I could have this on my vanity!

Jena Ardell

I love Jena Ardell's muted, hazy colors and retro subject matter. Ordering photos from her must be like getting summer sent to your mailbox! 

{ Jena Ardell's blog }

Jena's cat also has her own etsy store (this is one of the most fabulous ideas ever. My Chloe and Hypatia are very, very jealous!) 


clever nettle's estate sale

I found some lovely dresses in clever nettle's estate sale shop on etsy today.  As if the dresses themselves weren't enough to satisfy your eye candy quota for the week, would you look at that backdrop! Too darn cute for words! Here are three of my favorites:

But wait, there's more!!! Clever nettle also has an etsy art shop where she sells what could possibly be the funniest, most clever zine I've ever seen. The Billuminati is a fake history (with fantastic illustrations!) of the fake society of Bills and Williams. I'm a sucker for puns, silliness and artists who are so brilliant they must have to actually wear some kind of gadget attached to their head where they can store all that surplus genius and talent, since I can't imagine it can all fit in one brain! And Clever Nettle certainly fits the bill! *pun intended*

Pasta Salad

pasta salad

A pasta shaped necklace called the Farfalle Necklace from ModCloth ::swoons:: 

The one fault with Polyvore is the absence of Urban Outfitters, Free People & the fact that Anthropologie is only an option in select searches. Also, you can't search by price, which is something I'd like to do so that I don't assemble an outfit that would cost $10,000,000. It should be mildly realistic, I think.


Roadside Projects

As I was perusing my long list of blogs the other day, I came across Jayme McGowan and her whimsical paper creations. They are truly special and unique, so Kate asked me to share them with you, Spiffy friends.

The adorable wall clock above is actually a 2D print of one of Jayme's pieces, even though it looks 3D. And it is indeed a working clock. Don't you just love it when art can transition over into the functional?

All the rest of Jayme's pieces are prints of her 3D creations, too, but from the looks of her Etsy, she does offer originals for sale once in a while.

Haven't you always wished to climb clouds? Here's your chance!

The enormous flowers here are gorgeous. How I wish I could have huge flowers right outside my door!

Be sure to check out Jayme's Etsy for the full collection of prints, including a whole series of circus themed illustrations.

She has a terrific
blog, too. One of her recent posts focused on Japanese Washi paper masking tape, which I have decided I must try sometime soon!


Summer in England

I am officially in love with this site, polyvore (odd name though..) I wish I could scan all my clothes in here and actually create my outfit for the day on the computer! But for now just creating fantasy outfits to accompany my favorite albums will suffice.

Heidi Burton

One of the main purposes of spiffy was for me to write about art that I want to promote, and have a place to catalog my favorites so that I could come back to the blog and ogle at my great finds without splurging on actually buying them all the time with my meager artists' income. Well that didn't work today. I just couldn't help myself... Would you be able to restrain yourself from taking out your wallet if you found this on etsy??

Yeah, I thought not :)

You can find Heidi Burton's work here on etsy
And she's relisted the print here if you can't help yourself either :)

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