Valentine Cookies

These edible little wafer sheets turn ordinary cookies into extraordinary masterpieces. The images come from vintage Valentines cards.

Valentine Retro Wafer Papers $15, 24 designs, Fancy Flours
See all the Fancy Flours Valentine goodies here

Big wheels keep on turnin'

This reminds me of the dress up purses I used
to have as a kid! I'd definitely be on nostalgia
overload if it wasn't $60 :(

Take the Wheel Purse
Modcloth, $59.99

melissa shoes

Melissa has made a big splash in the world of fashion (especially in the UK). Sadly here in the States, we are being deprived and have very limited access to her line. Aside from the amazing design, the Melissa Plastic Dream shoes are reported to be comfortable in a way heels have never been before. They are made from recycled plastic and have gel in the footbed so you are walking on a cushion of comfort all day. I've been searching for an affordable pair to snatch up for months and finally found a UK site that has them! Check it out: Be Gorgeous

(Keep in mind, these are UK prices and international shipping applies if you are in the US. Even with that considered, these are still cheaper than every other price I've seen)

Special thanks to @NatashaBailie for the link!


the camellia bag

patent camellia cross body bag from TopShop

I just adore this and wish it was a
smidge cheaper!

my weakness

I have the most awful weakness for interesting collars. Show me a large lapel or ample cowl neck and I go weak at the knees. So I'm doing all I can to keep myself from whipping out the credit card and buying this gorgeous trench coat from Modcloth.

Social Climber Coat - $74.99

A little nonsense

Another wonderful piece by one of my
favorite illustrators, Heidi Burton!


mah jong bracelets

Mah Jong bracelets were extremely popular in the 1930s and 40s when housewives played Mah Jong in droves. The original tiles were made from Bakelite and actual vintage bracelets can go for a dear price. Etsy has some lovely samples of these staples of a bygone era, both vintage and new. They are perfect for putting that finishing touch on your vintage look. If you're interested in learning more about buying vintage Mah Jong bracelets, check out this fantastic site.


cottages of dreams

These winter blues are getting me down a bit, so I've decided to take refuge in the picture-perfect English countryside. Even if I can't actually travel there, I can visit with photos. Join me?

These are all real places. Click on them to find out their names and locations.


Jewelry by Hoolala
Made in England

English rose ruffle dress

Isn't this just the loveliest?
by Lirola on etsy



Some images are simply timeless.
Rudolph Valentino & Natacha Valentino

night in the woods

by Katrine K
{big cartel}

I heart potato chips

I'm really fancying these new heart pendants from Fred Flare.. if you know me, then you know the potato chip one is definitely my favorite of the lot. They have 10 designs to choose from, here are a few...


Wow.... Just Wow!

Modcloth - $167.99 - Again, why are you so expensive?????? You are gorgeous!

to say

marie cowl

I simply adore this cowl-neck dress
from Thimble and Acorn on etsy!


bobi + bobi

One of my favorite illustrators on flickr is bobi + bobi. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have an online shop to buy prints of her fantastic work -- but if she did, I guarantee I'd be a regular customer!


bow girl

vhs art

Am I totally in love with Hollis Brown Thorton's
permanent marker VHS drawings?
You bet your beta tape I am.


Find it Cheaper {Diamond print dress}

99 Luftballoons Dress from Modcloth- $49.99
Diamond Print Dress from F21 - $24.80



I don't know about you, but I've got the winter blues... a quick cure for this ailment can be found by searching summer in the etsy photography category. A few of my favorites..

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