vintage sailor coat

I'm taking a page out of Kate's book and posting something I very much wish I could buy. Sadly, I have no funds in the "Spur of the moment vintage coat purchasing" account and this marvelous beauty is not my size. :(

But if it fits you and you would like it, please have at it!

Anchors Away Vintage Canvas Sailor Jacket Medium from plaidpony


Danger, Will Robinson!

Oh, hi there coat of my dreams.

I've wanted a coat like this since FOREVER, but of course I didn't find it until my epic spending freeze of 2010. (insert grumbling noise...) It was only posted on Fred Flare today, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's still in stock until August when I'm done saving up for my mom's and my grandmother's birthdays...

Stay put, coat. I NEED YOU.

ps. It's faux. I'd never wear real!!

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