favorites from the IKEA 2010 catalog

What does summer mean to me? Bugs, hot sticky humidity, bee stings, and broken air conditioners. What is the one redeeming quality that makes summer bearable for a winterite like me? The IKEA catalog.

It's that big. It's that important. The minute I know it's "out there" in post office land, I start checking the mailbox eagerly every day... anxious to see all the new layouts and price reductions from last year. Well, dears, it finally came today!! Here are some of my favorite features, but keep in mind this is a super abridged version of the real thing. You need to get a (free!) copy for yourself!

This room combines two of my favorite elements in any room, ever. A library that is so tall you need a ladder to access all of your books, and a loft bedroom. Can you package this room in a flat box for me, I'd like to take it home!

I don't have a dining room yet, but I'm seriously considering buying one of these sets and keeping them in storage until I can finally use them.

Can you say "dream closet"?

I'm just speechless... I love it too much.

Minimalism is a bummer.  I love the irony in this typography artwork! And I've been looking for a chic hat/coat rack for years now... I think I've finally found the one for me!


One of my favorite color schemes ever. I officially want to re-create this look in my kitchen.

If I can't have the closet I pictured above, I think I'd settle for the one here on the left. I love the colors and oh! the organization!! And would you look at this little bathroom on the right? Perfect look for a tiny powder room!

This was one of my favorite pages in the catalog. IKEA pays tribute to the man who designed BILLY, perhaps the most iconic, widely used bookcase in history. My parents purchased Billy bookcases over 20 years ago and we are still using them today -- they are in perfect condition and never go out of style. (And by the way, how much do you love that they are making it in blue now?!)

One of the most clever ideas in the new catalog is this innovative way to display artwork in the photo on the left. I love how the unframed images are hung side by side around the doorframe! It's just genius. And in the picture on the right, IKEA finally gives us magazine collectors a solution for storing/displaying our treasures!


find it cheaper {plaid tunics}

I do most of my shopping online, and Urban Outfitters is by far, one of my favorite clothing stores. But the price on their Buffalo Tunic was a little too much for me, at $58. (It has since gone on sale, but just humor me..) So I didn't buy it. But while browsing on Forever21 one day last month, I came across the same. exact. tunic. For $19.80!! So I bought that one. In two colors. Then yesterday I had to run into K-Mart for batteries and pool supplies and, lo and behold, there was my $19.80 tunic for $14! It is the same. exact. tunic. Who cares if the label says UO or Big K? It's the same. exact. tunic.

So from now on when I find it cheaper, I'll let you know!

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