Find it Cheaper {Lace Polka Dot Dress}

I feel like I've been picking on Modcloth a bit lately so I promise the next Find it Cheaper won't include Modcloth unless they have the cheaper item :) I really love them so I feel a little bad about it.

Thanks to Design is Mine I just found Ruche, a store really similar to Modcloth with vintage-inspired new clothing. I might just have a post coming up with some of my favorite items from the shop, because there are too many that I'm dying to share!

Ruche dress - $36.99
Modcloth dress - $49.99

Find it Cheaper {Rainbow sprinkle dress}

I'm about 80% sure that this is the same dress-- but even if it's not, it's awfully close! Fred Flare sells pretty high quality stuff so I think it's safe to say it's not a Modcloth knock-off or anything.

My coat & hat came yesterday-- the hat is to die for, it's a nice cross between the 1920's and the 1960's, my two favorite fashion decades. The coat on the other hand... it has poufy shoulders that made me look like a linebacker. It's packed up and ready to go back in the morning :( The search for a perfect coat continues...

Fred Flare dress - $54
Modcloth dress- $64.99
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