Hey, dolly!

I'm Sarah! I'm 16 and currently tolerating my junior year in high school. I use weird words and phrases that I (usually) make up. I love theater and drama and plan on going to college for exactly that :) I'm also a smiley addict... :)

I love old movies, patterned tights, and ANYTHING 1960's related. I lose my marbles a little everytime I see something vintage. I dig classic rock, like anything from The Beatles, The Doors, The Animals...anything with a "the" in front of it, basically. OH and I absolutely love Donovan, my dear little Donny :)

I write silly stories.
I air guitar...on a very frequent basis...in other words A LOT.
I like odd, not-your-everyday-attire acessories and clothing.
I'm a tumblr/twitter addict.
I like speaking in British accents; try it, you'll sound 10 time cooler. Trust me.
I think you'll like me...I hope!
My old movie blog!

See ya round... :D


Merriam said...

How nice that you've become part of Spiffy! (Of course we like you. :)

Sarah said...

:) thanks Merriam!

Millie said...


You are really so cool! And guess what I talked in a British accent and I became ten times cooler!!!!

Cranberry Ginger Ale sounds so stinkin' good! What is the company called that makes it?

Lolita said...

Cranberry Ginger Ale? Sounds interesting! By the way - you were absolutely adorable as a kid!

Sarah said...

Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale. fantastic.

:) Thanks Lolita!

Rokki Winchester said...

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