Spiffy premiere for Lolita

Hiya, everyone!

I was recently invited as a co-blogger on Spiffy, and I thought I'd make a short announcement on the matter.

So, I'm the slightly disturbed Lolita over at Lolita's Classics. Don't take it too hard - I'm a nice girl, even though I practically am the spawn of Satan according relatives.

I'm a nerdy nerd hardcore film nerd who likes to shop for second hand dresses with big colorful flower patterns. I mostly listen to 1960's music, but when it comes to films I'm a sucker for every decade. And to fashion? Well, the greatest part of my heart belongs to the 1920's flapper age and the 1960's, but I like to combine everything pretty that I can find. Let's say it like this:

A few days ago I accused my 30 year old cousin that a blouse she had bought might make her look old, to which my mother answered with a laugh, a pointed finger in my direction and the statement "Ha! And that comes from the one wearing an orange cleaner's coat with big flower's à la my grandmother!"
Yes, her grandmother. Jeez. It's hard trying to be original!

Anyways, I think you might have gotten yourself an idea of my personality and who I am. At least, enough of it. Does anyone know where to find a black velvet hat like the one I'm wearing below? It has a huge black velvet rose on the front, and as being inherited from my great grandaunt it was my absolute favorite hat when I was a little girl. I would scream of delight if I found a similar hat again.

From the looks of the photo below, can you believe that I had a hard time making friends when I was little? Haha.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Lolita! ;)

I love that hat! I'll be sure to let you know if I find its double!

Sarah said...

Howdy! :D
that little devilish look in your photo made me giggle.

Lolita said...

That would be awesome!

Haha, I was a little devil in disguise! (Still am, from what I hear, haha!)

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