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Hey, Millie here! I just love finding spiffily cool items that can actually help someone else in the world.

When you buy any of the items in this post you will be directly helping someone in Africa, India, and elsewhere in the world (some of the items in this list were actually MADE by women in Africa). That just gets me to utterly exited!

When you click on each item you will see what they each individually support/the story behind it!

"TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about."


"We are not a charity. We are not a ministry. We are not seeking donations. We simply want to offer you easy, practical ways to help people that have been overlooked and make the world a better place. When you buy our merchandise you allow us to provide children in Africa with mosquito nets and clean water. You allow us to free young girls in India from sexual slavery. You allow us to loan money to women in poverty to start new businesses for a chance to support their own families. We are more than just another charity, ministry or t-shirt company. We are Overlooked."

5 Years of Clean Water ($20)

Because Somethings Were Never Meant To Be Caged ($20)

Homelessness ($20)

Freeset Olive Cross Bag ($21)

Malaria Prevention Organic Cotton Tote ($20)

Light Gives Heat.org

"Empowering Africans through the encouragement of economic stability and creative endeavors. Motivating people in the West to 'be the change they want to see in the world'."

Confetti ($17)

Organic Hope Shirt ($15)

Epoh Patchwork Bag ($35)

"ONE is a grassroots campaign and advocacy organization backed by more than 2 million people who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa."

Feed One ($65)

P.S. I personally own a pair of TOMS (their "Be the change" shoes) and they are so amazing! I wear them EVERYWHERE! Also, I am currently undecided whether to buy a "Clean Water" shirt or a "Caged" shirt! Ah, the decisions!



Kate's closet

About six months ago I cleaned out my closet & tried selling some stuff on ebay. Selling on ebay has never been a pleasant experience for me, and this last time wasn't any different so I made a pledge to myself to never do it again.

Well as you can tell from my previous posts here, I'm not exceptionally good at purchase restraint, and that problem is exacerbated around Christmastime. So when my outrageous etsy bill showed up in my inbox on January first, I faced quite a dilmenna. I'd spent most of my savings on Christmas presents (okay, fine, I admit, AND a few dvds and clothing...) and the Christmas rush on etsy had come to a standstill. What to do? Where do I get money?

The answer to this question is ALWAYS selling my clothes. But this time I thought I'd try something a little different before I put myself through the agony of ebay again.

I have all of the clothing & accessories I'd like to sell listed here, with details and prices for each item. If you're interested in buying something, just e-mail me at kategabrielleart@yahoo.com and I'll send you a paypal invoice. Any questions, or for more pictures, feel free to ask in the comments! If I'm not your size, or you know someone who might like something listed please pass the link to the post along so I don't have to resort to (shhh!) ebay. Ugh.

You might remember this hat -- I wrote about it on Spiffy when I purchased it from Modcloth last year. Well, it turned out to be too big for my head (It's not large, I just have an unusually small head) so I never even took off the tags. It's in PERFECT condition. I paid about $45, you can have it for $27. SOLD

Faux fur white winter hat from my Dr. Zhivago phase. It's really adorable and fluffy & has leopard print inside lining. Never worn. $10 SOLD

Black cloche hat from Forever 21 with a little bow on the side. Same problem as hat #1-- my teeny crown. $10

Vintage black toque hat -- also from the Dr. Zhivago phase-- It looks a lot like this when it's being worn *and yes, it will make you look like Audrey Hepburn* $10

This is actually my favorite dress in my closet but, as much as I wish I could, I will never grow the extra few inches that this dress requires to look normal. (Do not buy if you are 5' tall. Just a warning.) It comes down almost to my ankles and looks kind of silly on me. BUT if you are 5' 5" or over, this will look AMAZING on you!! It reminds me of Ginger Rogers or Ruby Keeler daywear. It has amazing purple satin lining and spiffy buttons going down the back. The belt is removable. The whole thing is assembled beautifully and made from a really thick, waffle-weave material. Size 10 Never worn. $30 SOLD

I adore this dress, but again it was a fitting problem-- my bust is a little bit too big for the dress (I think it's a juniors size dress, which I didn't realize when I ordered it) Never worn. Size M (Juniors probably) $20

Sweater/Cape from Forever 21, a really comfy blue fabric with buttons up the front if you want to wear it open. Worn once or twice, size M. $10

Really adorable swing 3/4 sleeve coat from Old Navy. Only worn once or twice. Size M. $20.

Out of print Marlene Dietrich Juniors babydoll t-shirt. Worn often but in perfect condition. Size L (but would fit an adult S/M) $10

THE most awesome t-shirt ever made. Unfortunately, I needed to go up a size so I never ended up wearing this one. Out of print Frank Sinatra Juniors babydoll t-shirt. Size M (but would fit an adult S/M) $20

Audrey Hepburn Juniors babydoll t-shirt. Worn often but in perfect condition. Size L (but would fit an adult S/M) $10

Vintage cropped summer sweater with a really cute back! I think this is from the late 60's, and it's in perfect condition. Would probably fit S-L, there's no tag. $10 Detail of the back:

Out of print Greta Garbo Juniors babydoll t-shirt. Worn often but in perfect condition. Size L (but would fit an adult S/M) $10

Old Navy square neck, lined white blouse. Perfect condition, never worn. Size L $5

Brand new, never worn sweater vest from Forever 21. I call this my Rhoda sweater, it reminds me of something Rhoda from Mary Tyler Moore would wear (been watching a LOT of that show recently!) but it's never left my closet. Size L $8

New shirt from Forever 21 with tags still attached - Size L. I bought it in three colors but didn't like red that much and forgot to send it back :) $8

Dress from Target, worn once or twice. In perfect condition! Size M-L $10

Really adorable shirt from Forever 21 with a detailed crochet pattern at the bust (see below) Never worn, size L $10

Black sleeveless shirt from Forever 21 with a cute bow detail at the strap and mini pockets at the bottom. Worn once or twice. Size M $5

Striped shirt from Target, worn once or twice. This shirt has a kind of odd straight cut so if you have any kind of hips on you, which I do, I wouldn't recommend buying it. Size M. $10

New aqua shirt from Old Navy, never worn (despite the wrinkles lol, it's just been in my drawer for a while.) Size Petite M. $10

New sleeveless green shirt from Old Navy, with tags still attached. Size M. $8

Oversized purple Old Navy tunic. No tags attached, but I think it's probably a L or XL, could also work as a bathing suit cover-up. Never worn. $8

Old Navy fleece 3/4 sleeve white sweatshirt. I think this is ADORABLE beyond belief, but I have it in a dark green color that I like better, so I don't wear this one. Hardly worn, in perfect condition. Size L. $15

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