so awesome.

It was hard picking a favorite from this shop..
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Keep Calm and...

Personally, I'm not a big fan of those Keep Calm and Carry On posters. It's become way too trendy for my tastes. However, I am a BIG fan of all the take-offs. I have a little "Keep Calm and Keep a British Accent" card hanging above my computer, and thoroughly enjoy the ones like "Freak Out and Throw Stuff" or "Freak Out and Call Mom"

But my favorite so far? It HAS to be Keep Calm and Cary Grant. I mean, come on. This is perfection personified.

by Cole007 on flickr


bottom of the sea dress


I adore this piece, so simple & beautiful.
by h e r m a n on flickr


Hope you have a cheery day!!
Sprinkles by Kunderwood on flickr

Tudor style dress

Tudor Style Dress from Modcloth

I love the structured style, colors and crisp contrasting trim. I don't, however, love the price. At $99.99, I think I'll pass. (But if YOU want it, don't forget to use our coupon on the sidebar for $15 off!)


ooh la la

If I had seen this display in a store window I probably would have accidentally walked into somebody on the street, or tripped on an uneven sidewalk crack -- my eyes so fixated on the cards displayed in the shop, my mind so entranced by the cuteness, cleverness and sheer brilliance that is these cards, that it would be impossible for me to watch the boring ground in front of me. Luckily, all collisions were avoided when I found these online, but the eye fixation & trance thing totally happened.

Paris cards from Darling Clementine - $35.00


Love this.
by amaliaslash

The key to genius

My family has always had the Albert Einstein quote "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits" displayed in our home, but personally I like this quote much better. Not only is it much more whimsical, playful and optimistic, but it's drawn by typographic art genius Chris Piascik. I guess my point is, if you want to have a quote about genius hanging up in your home, this should be it.

feel like a kid again

Boy does this kit bring back memories!! I was a crafty kid, never without a supply of foam (I loved the way craft foam smelled... is that weird?) embroidery floss for friendship bracelets and that plastic gimp for keychains. Pom-poms and pipe cleaners were a plus. I have absolutely no idea what I'd do with the parts in this kit, but just looking at them makes me feel like a kid again, and that alone makes it worth buying!

Let's get crafting activity kit - Fred Flare - $22



oooh, fancy!

I wish I had somewhere special to go, so I'd have a reason to snatch up this dress. But, alas, I don't think it's quite right for grocery shopping, trips to the art supply store or sitting at my computer.

Social Occasion dress from Forever 21 - $29.80

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This actually gave me goosebumps when I found it on etsy.

by Pale Preoccupation

black + white + cream

It might seem dull or boring but I think that black and white -- and black and cream -- is a classy, sophisticated color combination that works beautifully dressed up or dressed down. I've been particularly obsessed with this pairing lately, so here are some of the lovely pieces I've been eyeing.

Be the Buyer on Modcloth

I just came across this feature on Modcloth that is extra spiffy.

Be the Buyer lets you vote on what goes in the shop before its availible!

You can also choose to be notified if and when the product will be sold. I saw this and fell in love, but I was too late on voting :(

Spiffy has also become affiliates with Modcloth! We now have a coupon to offer to our readers over on the right sidebar :D

Congratulations, Lolita!

Spiffy editor Lolita just got engaged!!
Congratulations!!! :-D









Tempted to buy all of them and rock out to some Beatles music now? I know I am! :)

I MIGHT* be able to live without this dress...

Kellie Eyelet Dress from dELiAs ($44.50)

*MIGHT. But, I'm just not sure. It's just too amazing. And too springy. And too yellowy. And just too spiffy!

Possibly the weirdest/coolest sofa ever

I was browsing for furniture online for my Interior Design project when I came across this wacky sectional:

Yang Modular Sofa
All together, it looks like a mod version of a baby playpen.

oliver + s

Oliver + S is a boutique sewing pattern company specializing in adorable children's clothing. Every pattern has a hand drawn illustration in the style of paper dolls. If you have a couple minutes, you simply must look at their website. It's so much fun to click around.

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