The Millie has arrived.

Hello all! (I just said that in a British accent. Cause I took Sarah's advice. I am now ten times cooler!)

My name is Millie (okay, not really, but that's my classic film internet nickname...looong story)!

The photo of me on the sidebar (the two year-old with the crazed expression of their face) is actually a pretty accurate description of my personality, interestingly enough.

Um, I probably was not the best person to be asked to join a cool blog like this, and I hope Kate and Casey shall not rue the day (I love saying that phrase for absolutely no reason!) they invited me!

They were actually rather cautious when they invited me! I shall directly quote my invitation: "You guys know the site, it's basically a place to post anything that you love (or anything that's spiffy!) (One exception: no random Alias Smith and Jones photos. Sorry, Millie.)"

Are you kidding me? Kid's mustache from hell is sooo stylish!

Okay, sorry, moving on:

I am a teenage adorer of all things vintage.

I am an extreme advocate for my gorgeous home state of Washington! (Please do not call it Washington state. It is simply Washington. And Washington D.C. is Washington D.C. NOT Washington...I am also a dork)

I have a slight addiction to Ricola cherry honey cough drops.

I make and sell bags made out of recycled materials(especially old rice bags) you can check out my Etsy shop here. However I have not uploaded anything to the site yet, so all you will see is a banner with elephants on it...but, if you somehow feel it looks promising! Do feel free to heart it! ;-D

I really don't like Jimmy Stewart (which apparently is a really unpopular thing to say around the old movie blogging community....I've received death threats.......well, not really! But, one person did say not to walk in front of them down a dark alley...seriously!)

I eat a lot of organic/all natural food.

I love trees.

I think the 60's were a brilliant style period.

I love rain boots and bubble umbrellas.


I have recently started making classic film inspired finger puppets.

If I exclaim, "Wowzie Kazam!" or "JUNK IT!" ...that's normal.

I talk way too much.

I blog about vintage stuff.

The world would probably be a significantly better place if everyone watched
Gidget Goes Hawaiian on a regular basis.

Okay, I really need to wrap this up!

Anyways, I am beyond delighted with this honor! Thank you so much Kate and Casey!

And, I PROMISE when I post in the future it WILL be about Spiffy, stylish, cool things! This post was just to introduce myself to you!


^Okay, I'm sorry! I couldn't resist, but this is the ONLY time EVER!


Raquelle said...

Yay Millie!

I won't hate you for disliking Jimmy Stewart. It's okay (::secretly plotting revenge::)

Elizabeth said...

Hiya Millie! Great first post! I didn't know you made purses!

Millie said...

Raquelle: Thank you!

Oh, no! All you have to do for revenge is post a recipe on your blog (with delicious looking pictures) and say he recipe calls for arsenic. I won't be able to help myself...and I'll make it!

Elizabeth: Hi! Thanks! Yes, I do! I really enjoy sewing!

Lolita said...

Ey, you are probably one of the funniest girls in the blogosphere - so at least I am really glad you're with Spiffy now!

Merriam said...

Spiffy just keeps getting better and better! Your post was so awesome! And all this time I thought your real name was Millie!

Millie said...

Lolita: So kind! Actually, I was gonna say the same thing of you! And I just LOVE your photo...hahaha....

Merriam: Aww, thanks! Nope, it isn't! I don't recall who exactly it was, I'm thinking it was Harley (actually Harley's not her name either...I gave her that name...lol!)over at the TCM Message Boards...a looooooooooooong time ago! My screenname was ILoveRayMilland...so Millie was my nickname.

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