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How to dress (and generally just be cool) like Sandra Dee!

When people think of memorable style icons of vintage times, Sandra Dee doesn't usually come immediately to mind. She was neither as groundbreaking nor sheerly iconic as her fellow actresses, Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly (among others). But nonetheless, Sandra Dee was a major fashion icon of her day, and the style she embodied continues to be extremely present in today's fashions.

I personally find Sandra, along with Audrey and Grace, to be a major style influence for me. And the very special thing about Sandra is that her style is in many ways the most accessible and "easy" of all vintage looks.

This post is not only a guide to how to dress like Sandy, but also a celebration of her lovely (and very spiffy) style.

Blowing Bubbles Dress by Modcloth (ONLY ONE LEFT!)

A major "Sandraness" thing were her casual chic dresses. So, in order to properly emulate Sandra Dee, you're gonna need A LOT of dresses...in a lot of colors. The colorfulness is especially important.

Sally Jane Dress by Modcloth (ONLY ONE LEFT!)

Sandy with her husband, Bobby Darin in That Funny Feeling

Dress Side Story by Modcloth (ONLY TWO LEFT!)

Natalie Colorblock Knit Dress by dELiAs

Kellie Eyelet Dress by dELiAs

Telephone Switchboard Dress by Modcloth
{I am so beyond in love with this right now!}

With Bobby on the set of Come September

Another definite part of Sandra's style, was her ability to wear the most casual and "comfortable" outfits and turn them into style moments. She especially loved simple (often tunic) blouses and toreador capris.

Sandy also wore many skirts. Pencil, A-line, and flared were the most often represented!

No Sandra Dee style guide could be complete without some swimsuits, I mean she IS Gidget, after all!

In A Summer Place (I'm certain she's trying to hide from His Blandness Troy Donahue...;-D), Sandy wear THE coolest hat ever. Half sunhat/half sunglasses. If I could ever find a hat like this, my life would be complete. I sadly can't.
Hampton Straw Hat by Forever21
{This is the best I could find!}
F7019 Sunglasses

Sandy + any type of accessories = COOLNESS!
Vintage Busker Hat by Modcloth (ONLY ONE TOTAL!)

An ever-important aspect of Sandy's style was the need for "fancy" gowns. For in what else could she attend her many movie premieres, or Bobby's nightclub shows?

As you can now tell (if you are indeed still reading this super-long post...haha) Sandra Dee was QUITE a stylish lady, one who deserves a status of style icon! And plus, besides wearing SPIFFY clothes she was also a great actress (comedic as well as drama), was married to Bobby Darin, and generally just went through life being super-cool.

For great style moments, watch:
That Funny Feeling
If A Man Answers
Come September

Take Her, She's Mine
and OF COURSE Gidget!
{Every Sandy film is amazing, but the above few are just some of my favorites, style-wise!}

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