Cloche Hat Love #1

My name is Raquelle and I have a cloche hat addiction. I just think these 1920's style hats are adorable and I'm really happy that currently there is a trend for modern interpretations of this classic hat. Move aside Fedora, it's time for cloche hats to shine! I thought I'd do installments called Cloche Hat Love for whenever I find nice cloche hats online. I just picked up the cloche from Forever21 that I list below and I'm super excited to get it. It'll be my 5th child in my little cloche family.

Wool Felt Cloche Hat with Flower - San Diego Hat Company*
This is another version of the same hat Kate Gabrielle blogged about a while back.

Twined Ribbon Cloche - Anthropologie

Deena and Ozzy Stud Cloche - Urban Outfitters


Sally said...

I love cloches! I have two now - one black and one brown, which is perfect. Now, what would be even more perfect is if I acquired that totally adorable navy blue one from Forever 21. So cute!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Can you believe I have cloches and didn't even know it? I love the simple glam design.

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