Elizabeth's Flickr Finds: Snowmaggedon!

It seems the entire country is covered in snow! I myself just moved from a state that only got about half an inch all winter, and into a state with about a foot of snow on the ground, so I'm suffering too. People are even starting to nickname these nonstop blizzards "snowmaggedon" or the "snowpocalypse." So it only seems appropriate that today's Flickr Finds are winter themed!

1. 1920's, Veere, Dijkhuis, snowy fun, 2. Girl with Bunny Rabbit, 3. Kids with snow, ? 1920s, 4. 192x xx xx - xxxxx - Enea Jr, Charles, 5. 1925 (approx) - Poland - Sara Ginsburg - Snow in Byalistok, 6. Untitled, 7. Paul and Betty Carr, 1925, 8. Camp Seeley - Sledding, 9. Untitled
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