Hooray for Lena Hoschek!

If you are a lover of the 40's look, you need to watch this 2 minute video from Fashion Week. It showcases the new line of designer Lena Hoschek from Austria. These clothes are beyond words in thrillingness. And (!!!) the video even has an Andrews' Sister song in the soundtrack!

If the video didn't have enough detail for you (it didn't for me!) check out Q's post with tons of lovely large images and Lena's official website (a huge thrill in itself!)


Sally said...

So amazing! I love the collection! I had to go to her website to see the dresses because the editor kept cutting the video and I wanted to see everything! Thank you for sharing!!

And I love that the Andrews Sisters are on the soundtrack - makes the collection even more outstanding!

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Isn't this collection wonderful?! It would be a dream just to own one of her pieces!!

NoirGirl said...

Yay for some fellow Lena enthusiasts! I would so love to own one of her pieces. I wonder if she'll ever release a line here in the US? I'd buy every piece!

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