I had to have it.

I went on Modcloth for my daily exercise in window shopping -- and saw this. My heart actually stopped beating for a few seconds.

Knowing how quickly they sell out of things, I added it to my cart and then started fishing around to see if I wanted to buy anything else (I always do this because I figure that if I go back and buy something again I need to spend more on shipping. Easier to just buy everything in one big lump.) That's when I remembered this coat that I was lusting after last week.

I bought the hat & the coat. I'm practically broke now, but who cares about money when you've got such a spiffy hat on your head & coat on your shoulders ;)


craftedbylindy said...

That is fantastic!

Diana said...

This is sooo YOU!

Ms. B said...

Oh my gosh that really is very cute!!!

Down and Out Chic said...

this is perfect for you, how could you not buy it?! good for you!

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