Lauren Knuckles' hand sculpted jewelry is a joy to behold. Each perfect but unique little piece is a lovely surprise, begging you to add it to your wardrobe of accessories. Her pieces remind me of vintage Bakelite jewelry from the 1940's, something I've always adored.

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Leaf Posts

Very Bright Orange Rose Pendant
I included this beauty especially for Kate, who is a big fan of orange! :)

Bright Teal Lotus Ring

Hand Sculpted Violet Rose Post Earrings

Aside from the amazing jewelry, Lauren also sculpts home decor items like the lovely Dahlia Sculpture and gorgeous Trinket Box below.

Dahlia Flower

White Chrysanthemum Trinket Box
Ooh, I wish I could have this on my vanity!


Anonymous said...

All lovely,,,,but the orange pendant is my favourite

FancifulFlair said...

FancifulForm has now moved to

http://fancifulflair.etsy.com !

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