Roadside Projects

As I was perusing my long list of blogs the other day, I came across Jayme McGowan and her whimsical paper creations. They are truly special and unique, so Kate asked me to share them with you, Spiffy friends.

The adorable wall clock above is actually a 2D print of one of Jayme's pieces, even though it looks 3D. And it is indeed a working clock. Don't you just love it when art can transition over into the functional?

All the rest of Jayme's pieces are prints of her 3D creations, too, but from the looks of her Etsy, she does offer originals for sale once in a while.

Haven't you always wished to climb clouds? Here's your chance!

The enormous flowers here are gorgeous. How I wish I could have huge flowers right outside my door!

Be sure to check out Jayme's Etsy for the full collection of prints, including a whole series of circus themed illustrations.

She has a terrific
blog, too. One of her recent posts focused on Japanese Washi paper masking tape, which I have decided I must try sometime soon!

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