clever nettle's estate sale

I found some lovely dresses in clever nettle's estate sale shop on etsy today.  As if the dresses themselves weren't enough to satisfy your eye candy quota for the week, would you look at that backdrop! Too darn cute for words! Here are three of my favorites:

But wait, there's more!!! Clever nettle also has an etsy art shop where she sells what could possibly be the funniest, most clever zine I've ever seen. The Billuminati is a fake history (with fantastic illustrations!) of the fake society of Bills and Williams. I'm a sucker for puns, silliness and artists who are so brilliant they must have to actually wear some kind of gadget attached to their head where they can store all that surplus genius and talent, since I can't imagine it can all fit in one brain! And Clever Nettle certainly fits the bill! *pun intended*


anja louise verdugo said...

You are too sweet! I'm so glad you like the Bills. They have cool attitudes.

Kristin Joy said...

Awesome finds.!! I love those dress.. So pretty and cheerful.

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