My name is Kate and I have a problem.

I had every intention of buying ONE coat. It all started with #5-- one of the trench coats that I wanted in this post. Of course, while that was still in the mail I ordered this coat, which ended up having enormous shoulder poofs and was promptly returned.

Feeling emotionally stunted when the coat of my dreams looked monstrous on me, I set out to find a replacement.

First I bid on #6 on ebay from one of my favorite sellers, Bombshell Vintage. She is probably the only seller that I've bought from regularly, and she always has marvelous vintage-inspired dresses & coats. While I was waiting to see if I'd win that coat, I discovered Ruche.

Since the stock seemed to be quickly diminishing on #4, the cute Parisian trench coat, I thought I'd better order right away. And while I was at it, why not throw in that black and white mod number that would go so perfectly with that black and white cloche from Modcloth?!

So, let's take a quick head count. I have the polka-dot trench at home, one coat on ebay (which I eventually won) and I just bought two more. That's enough coats for any one person, right?

Wrong. Today Forever 21 added #1 and #2 to their New Arrivals section. My heart stopped, and my palms started sweating. I watched in a daze as my hand slowly moved the mouse to "add to cart" on both coats. No! Stop it! I tried to make my hand stop, but it wouldn't! I watched in horror as a hat and belt were also added to my cart... I think I might have blacked out after that, because the next thing I remember is checking my email and seeing an order confirmation from Forever 21.

So, yes, I have six coats now-- in addition to the dozens I already had at home that just weren't good enough. Mind you, I WORK FROM HOME! Why the heck do I need this many coats? I'm thinking of just shutting off the heat all winter so that, at the very least, I can wear my beautiful coat collection around the house...

My name is Kate, and I have a problem.


Millie said...

Hahahahaha! I'm laughing hysterically right now...while trying to still my growing envy!

1,2, and 5 are especially marvelous!

NoirGirl said...

This is a riot, Kate! I'll join you with the heat off this winter...we can be coat freaks together! :)

My favorite is #6 - one of my new ones has a "skirt" like that and it is so much fun to wear! I wore it for the first time today through almost all of my classes. *sigh* It was heaven...

Ms. B said...

Oh yes. I have a coat addiction as well. And considering I live in a state where I only need coats about 3 months out of the year, I really shouldn't have a coat addiction, but I do.

All of your choices are wonderful!!

Trixie said...

Ha ha ha!
So funny!!

Raquelle said...

From someone that has a whole closet just devoted to her coat collection, I can sympathize.

I have tremendous buyer's remorse so I don't quite have the capacity of indulging in a buying frenzy like you do, but if I didn't have that remorse, I would have done exactly what you did!

My mother just bought me a purple trenchcoat for my birthday. She bought it for me in OCtober and my birthday is November 25th!!! I'm sending you a Twitpic of it now with the accessories I use with it. :-)

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