trench coats.

I desperately want a trench coat for fall... I've pretty much narrowed it down to four (unless anyone has a drop dead gorgeous suggestion that would override these!) -- which would you pick?

1. Pintuck Mac from ASOS - $72.00
2. Ruffle Front MAC from ASOS - $104.00
3. Dress up Trench Coat from F21 - $29.80
4. Sketch Houndstooth Pea Coat from F21 - $34.80


Millie said...

Oh, so hard!

Coats are my favorites!

I think #2 is my favorite! But, the cheap side of me wants to vote for #3...;-D

Miss McCrocodile said...

I like #! and 2 the best. With #2 you'd have to always be aware of your neckline. Scarves, collars, necklaces, etc. Both you could "dress up" or "dress down". I would probably choose the more tailored look of #1. Plus the blue is a bit different, standing out of the black/neutral trench crowd.
Oh, I love shopping! Thanks for letting me tag along!

Ms. B said...

I love the collar on #2

Wendymoon said...

OOh I really want the first one!

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