Find it Cheaper {Lace Polka Dot Dress}

I feel like I've been picking on Modcloth a bit lately so I promise the next Find it Cheaper won't include Modcloth unless they have the cheaper item :) I really love them so I feel a little bad about it.

Thanks to Design is Mine I just found Ruche, a store really similar to Modcloth with vintage-inspired new clothing. I might just have a post coming up with some of my favorite items from the shop, because there are too many that I'm dying to share!

Ruche dress - $36.99
Modcloth dress - $49.99


Down and Out Chic said...

ruche is a sponsor for down and out chic! they're a good shop to support:)

Raquelle said...

You are going to make me spend all my money and get kicked out of my apartment and live on the street. At least I will be a fashionable homeless person!

Lolita said...

I love that dress! Jesus, it's cute.

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