floral footwear

I think these shoes are absolutely to die for! Has anyone ever bought shoes from F21 before? A lot of people make fun of or deride the store for having poor quality clothing (while I'll admit it's not Gucci, the stuff looks pretty nice for what you pay and usually lasts at least five years in my closet -- good enough for me on my measly income) and while I personally think their clothes hold up fine, I've always been tentative to buy their shoes. I guess I'm just worried that they'll either be painful to walk in, or the heels will snap out from under me.

I'm not in a position to be buying shoes right now, but just wondering if anyone has bought them there, and how they hold up? :)

F21- Boutique Floral Pump - $24.80

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Sally said...

Those are beautiful! I wanted to comment my agreement but I'm afraid I don't have any helpful information about the F21 shoes. Sorry!

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