the gummy bear chandelier

Unfortunately, these aren't real gummy bears - though I guess if they were the chandelier would be eaten in an evening. But this is truly impressive nonetheless. Made from 5,000 acrylic gummy bears strung by hand, each light fixture takes 2 months to finish.

From JELLIO, found by our lovely editor Raquelle via Craftzine


Raquelle said...

I don't care about the stomach ache that would ensue, if those were real, that lovely sculpture would be gone in a few hours if I got my hands on it!

Thanks for posting this Casey.

drollgirl said...

oh how i wish it was made from the real thing! pretty rad nevertheless!

Sally said...

That's incredible! It's so pretty. And it really makes me crave gummy bears.

Linda Crispell said...

where can I find a few thousand acrylic gummy bears?

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