Reasons I wish I wasn't on a self-imposed spending freeze #1

For me, the most natural thing to do when I've imposed a strict spending freeze is to window-shop at my favorite online stores. NATURALLY. It makes it easier to not spend my money, you know?

So today as I was lusting over this hat (among other things... let's not bring up the Modcloth dress, OK??) I thought I could easily combine two things:

1) my desire to show off the things I'd like to buy without actually purchasing them and wearing them in public, and

2) my desire to bring Spiffy back from the dead.

And voila! There you have it -- a series of posts in which I share with you the things that I'm not buying; thereby sharing their loveliness with the world without spending money, and simultaneously breathing some life into our dear departed blog.

First up -- Forever 21 Straw Cloche Hat -- $10.80


Millie said...

I hate you.


Kate said...

lol what??

Raquelle said...

Can you please tag this "cloche hat love"?

Thanks for bringing Spiffy back!

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