raid Kate's closet

I'm moving, so I'm doing a major downsizing... rather than list on ebay, I started a website to list my huge collection of stuff. So far I have about 80 items up including really awesome coats and dresses, film books, shoes, hats and a lot of Sinatra stuff. I'm planning on adding more and more in the coming weeks, so check it out.. bookmark it and check back often!

Click here to raid my closet ;-D


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Lolita said...

Yikes! Got it bookmarked ;)
Just recieved the trenchcoat today! What a lovely material! I need to loose a few pounds before I can button it, but until then I'll just wear it un-buttoned! Haha.
The wooden dolls are adorable too! They look like two mini-me's ;)

Hey, what to you propose that one does if one should find anything of interest in your closet? When do you move, i.e. how long does one have to wallow among your awesome clothes?

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