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The Hopleaf dress - Modcloth - $62.99
The Plumfield dress - Modcloth- $62.99

This find it cheaper is kind of tricky... it's not really easy to get these dresses at a discount, but the effort is really worthwhile because of the ridiculous amount of money you would save.

I found the dresses available wholesale at Theme Clothing for $23.00 each. At Modcloth they are $63. You need to have an account to view them (just having a wordpress account works) and -- here is the tricky part -- you have to buy 2 smalls, 2 mediums and 1 large. Eek. BUT if you have friends who all love these dresses and fit these sizes you get the dresses 60% off of what Modcloth asks! If you want them desperately & don't have friends who do- you could always leave comments on this post stating what size you'd like, and if we get the right amount of people for each size you could do a collaborative order. I for one think it's worth it for the savings :) Or if you have the ready cash, you could just buy the five dresses & sell the four you don't use on your blog or ebay. You could even make money by just marking it up $5-$10 a dress, and it would still be 50% off of what Modcloth is asking.

FYI though, you might want to check out my previous post on this dress style, and how it isn't meant for the curvy figure...

I promise the next Find it Cheaper will be a lot easier to buy!!

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