Elizabeth's Flickr Finds: Soldiers and Their Sweethearts

When she invited me to be a part of Spiffy, Kate asked me if I would kindly do a weekly feature of vintage photos I've found on Flickr, because any and all vintage Flickr photos are not safe from me. I will hunt them down like a lion on a baby gazelle - I leap, I click "Add As Favorite" and then brag about my fabulous find to whoever will listen. I've chosen to make my Flickr Find day Monday, because I do my best hunting on the weekend.

This first Flickr Find is themed "Soldiers and Their Sweethearts", because the 11th is Veterans Day, and I thought it would be nice to honor with with some antique photos I've found!

Chéri Hérouard - La Vie Parisienne - Le Tour Du Heros, 2. Two Ladies Visit The Cavalry [1], 3. No. 10 - home leave?, 4. Two Ladies Visit The Cavalry [2], 5. No. 4 - The lovers, 6. Sailor of HMAS "Australia" fondles woman's string of pearls, c. 1929 / by Sam Hood, 7. WWI U.S. Sailor and Wife during 1918 Flu Pandemic, 8. Spring 1917, 9. McCalls, December 1917


corvettek225 said...

A very nice theme. Thank you.
<3 :-)

Pink Flower said...

Very sweet and touching!

DKoren said...

Ohhhh, I really love those!

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