Modcloth Gift Guide - Part 1

That's right- Modcloth gets TWO gift guides. This first one is for accessories and apartment-ish items, the next one will be for la clothing. I'm having such a hard time even squeezing all of the Modcloth goodness into two guides, I'm tempted to do one a day from now until Christmas!


Elizabeth said...

Now that tape dispenser is just ADORABLE!

Aire said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! I'm honored you like us enough to make gift guides. :) Have a nice day.
<3 Aire

Lolita said...

I want them gloves!

Mel said...

I love those coasters and that umbrella too!

Lrc said...

The blazer necklace is truly unique...I also wanted to let you all know that I recieved my awesome hat (from the giveaway) and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome list!! Love the clock, and how funny is the procrastination calendar?

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