Cloche Hat Love #2

Cloche hats are timeless and we vintage-style-loving gals are very lucky because these hats are popping up everywhere this season. My collection has already grown to about 10 and I would still buy more if I had the room and the money. Cloche hats are a great Fall/Winter accessory. They keep your head warm, they can complement your outfit and they are very eye-catching. And although the cloche-hat-wearing ladies of the 1920s and 1930s wore their cloches with short hair, I think these hats complement long hair too. The hat gives your head a very sleek uniform shape and out from the bottom comes this luscious wave of hair. Tres magnifique! Here are some lovely cloche hats, of various prices, that you can find online. And while they are not selling them online, I encourage you to check out the cloche hats in blue and purple at DSW.

Grosgrain Bow Cloche Hat - Forever 21 - $14.80

Mossimo Cloche in Purple - Target - (available in stores only, not online)

Angle Bow Felt Cloche - Forever 21 - $13.80

Finely Feathered Cloche - Anthropologie - $48.00

Coriolis Cloche - Anthropologie - $48.00

Badgley Mischka Floral-Detail Cloche - Lord & Taylor - $44.00

Sequined Wool Felt Cloche - Nordstrom - $54.00

Don't you want to buy them all?!

1 comment:

Niamhy said...

I absolutely ADORE cloches! I have had short hair for a long time, and it's the perfect shape for the cloche, but I have one problem...glasses.

You simply cannot wear cloches with my glasses! It is impossible! And I am blind without them-I would be in danger of walking out in front of a bus and killing myself.

Well, enough ranting. I'm going to collect cloches anyway!

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