a steampunk pc

Philco PC from Dave Schultze on Vimeo.

Even though I am a die-hard Mac girl, I'm thoroughly tempted by this new concept design for a PC: PhilcoPC. The film is a brisk 1.17 minutes and worth every second of your time. Right now all the images are 3D animation (yup that whole film is animated...!) but the company behind the idea, SchultzeWORKS, is trying to market it to the major PC manufacturers.

I'd like to see it made for the glorious typewriter keyboard alone. I'd buy that today if it was available!


Jorgé said...

Who wouldn't want THAT!... then again, I myself may be bias, being an admirer of steampunk, and in general, interesting looking funstastic gadget things.... I'm with you on wanting to buy that typewriter keyboard, even if it's made alone. Heehee...!

Sally said...

Wow. I'm a mac girl, myself but wow. Like you said, the keyboard, alone, is tempting to me. And I really love the vintage tv inspiration as well. That's pretty incredible. Thanks for sharing!

Trixie said...

Was it someone on this site that posted a store link - one word name I think that was very similar in style to Anthropologie? I thought I bookmarked it but I didn't! :( Let me know!

NoirGirl said...

Hi Trixie!

The ones I can think of are:

J Peterman

Is it any of those?

Trixie said...

Ruche! Thank you so much!!!!! It was driving me crazy!!

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