artwork by Vivienne Strauss

My good friend Vivienne Strauss just debuted some new oil paintings on her flickr account yesterday, and I was completely blown away!! This might actually be one of my favorite paintings EVER, of any artist ever -- on etsy, in museums and galleries. I can't get over how much I love this painting.

If you aren't familiar with her work yet, you need to check it out. In the dictionary, next to "multi-talented" there is a photo of Vivienne. She has two etsy shops, one for her fantastic collages, and one for her amazing watercolors (and prints.) You can also view her sold work on flickr to see her previous works in gouache. Here are some more examples of her outstanding work!

The Art of Flower Arranging

Marion Clack with her dog Walter

Each autumn Myrtle Burnstein felt the urge to run away from home. She packed her suitcase over and over but never went anywhere.

Full title: Girard Boudreux directs his first production with Ballets de L'automne Legumes. They finally incorporated the costumes at dress rehearsal and there were many glitches that needed working out. The pumpkin and onion were both top heavy, the beet was suffering from serious stage fright and it was quite obvious that the radish (intended to be a minor role) was going to upstage the whole show.

(This one is my favorite!)

The Power of Glamour

I'm Particular

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Sally said...

These are awesome! That new oil painting is amazing! I love the titles of all the other ones. And I love "The Power of Glamour."

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