dancing shoes

I've been very slow jumping on the "oxford shoe love" bandwagon. My ardor has been reserved for a pair of oxfords of which I could unconditionally approve. Up to now, there was always some little flaw with the pairs I found that dropped them from the running. Well I've finally found my oxfords. And 2 pairs to boot!

Swiss Dot Oxfords - $38, Cotton flats with nubby little texture bobbles and laces. Too cute!

Two Tone Oxfords - $38, I'm not terribly fond of 2 tone accessories, but these are pretty nifty. I could see these looking lovely with a light brown summer dress.

40's Heels - $128, Okay so the price is insane, but aren't these outstanding??


Down and Out Chic said...

those dotted oxfords are definitely on my "list" !

Elizabeth said...

These are so cute! I LOVE a good oxford! I was able to find a pair recently that were just perfect for me for at a decent price! They were called Tuxxedo. Have you seen them?

NoirGirl said...

D&OC - Mine too! :D

Ooh I hadn't seen those Elizabeth! I went and looked them up. Do you mean these? I agree, they are quite marvelous! I love how the site even shows you how to wear them!

Sally said...

So cute! I love oxfords. The two-tone ones are so adorable (and dangerously tempting!)

Elizabeth said...

NoirGirl: Yep! Those are mine! I have the solid brown ones.

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