Crochet Flower Top from Forever 21

If you have a curvy figure like me, it can sometimes be difficult shopping at Forever 21. The store seems more suited to skinny young teens than older figuresque Latinas. That doesn't stop me from shopping there though. It just makes me work harder to find unique items that will complement my figure.

I seem to have more luck at the online store now that I have in the brick-and-mortar one. I think it's because a mall store has been picked through and the popular sizes go quickly and the online store has a full selection. Also, I've developed an understanding of what fits me from there and what doesn't which makes it easier to select things online.

I just got this beautiful Crochet Flower top and wanted to alert Spiffy readers about it (people in the Boston area feel free to ignore this so we don't accidentally run into each other wearing the same thing). It's a very beautiful top and they did a great job detailing it. If you are larger than a C cup and/or have a wide rib cage, avoid this. Otherwise, go for it. It's comfortable, breathable and just absolutely exquisite. Just note that it has quite the plunging neckline and if you are shy (or have an overprotective boyfriend like I do) you may want to wear something underneath it.

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Raquelle said...

I forgot to mention that this is more a cream-yellow than a cream-white or solid white. The picture is a bit deceiving.

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