A couple of things I really want to steal, er, um, BUY!

Trista Stripe Dress from dELiAs ($44.50)

Of course BOTH are too much for me to afford, but I still WANT them...hmm, now here is where I would put my plans to break into the warehouses. But, of course I am an honest, law-abiding citizen and would never even THINK to do that!

...I'll just continue to pine after them FOREVER!


*Tomorrow, midnight, wear dark clothes, bring a chisel!*


Anonymous said...


Sally said...

Those are adorable. I love when coats button to the side like that. It's such a cool look.

Merriam said...

An honest, law-abiding citizen? Somehow that does not sound like the Millie I know. Particularly not around that jacket or dress.

Millie said...

Harley; Sally: Totally! I just love them!

Merriam: WHATEVER! ;-D Haha, you know me too well!

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