find it cheaper {plaid tunics}

I do most of my shopping online, and Urban Outfitters is by far, one of my favorite clothing stores. But the price on their Buffalo Tunic was a little too much for me, at $58. (It has since gone on sale, but just humor me..) So I didn't buy it. But while browsing on Forever21 one day last month, I came across the same. exact. tunic. For $19.80!! So I bought that one. In two colors. Then yesterday I had to run into K-Mart for batteries and pool supplies and, lo and behold, there was my $19.80 tunic for $14! It is the same. exact. tunic. Who cares if the label says UO or Big K? It's the same. exact. tunic.

So from now on when I find it cheaper, I'll let you know!

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Millie said...

I love it! That tunic is amazing! Now, I want it!

Seriously, Kate, I need to stop reading this blog! Every time I come here I find something I want to buy...;-D

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