Odd Molly

It's not fair. It is not fair. I feel mocked.

Why do I time and time again walk into those expensive stores with cool clothes I can't afford? And why can't I afford the one collection that obviously was created just for me? "Oh, what a cute little hat! 900 crowns?! Maybe I can knit it myself..." 900 crowns is ca $127, by the way.

The collection I'm talking about is of course Odd Molly. It was created by a couple of cool persons in Stockholm, Sweden in 2002, and have the tag line "Vive la difference".

I'll just go ahead and show you how awesome it is. And no, I won't mention the prices - they are depressing.

t88 dress

check me dress

sidesaddle dress

check me tunic

pointell me shortsleeve

tenfold knit jacket

lovely knit

pow skirt

jaquard long sock

pointell half mittens

bikette denim jacket

noblesse jacket

noblesse coat

todiefor sherling hooded coat
(Oh yes, I would die for it.)

onceinalifetime coat

spoiler underdress

spoiler underskirt

spoiler underboxer

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