oh, please stay in stock for one more week!

I have been in love with this dress for months now, but I never wanted to pay $58 for it (I am very cheap, I know..) So today, I was just sitting at the computer, drinking some grapefruit juice and wasting my time looking at clothing I can't afford online when I see this-- $29.99 (Was $58) -- AHH! Now $29.99... that's more like it.

Only problem? I have an art show this weekend, NO clue how it will go, or if it will be rained out, and unless it goes over very well, $29.99 will be too much a dress. They still have my size left in stock, but who knows.. it could be ONE dress left. Just ONE dress sitting around in their warehouse waiting for me to buy it. Oh please, please stay put and don't budge.. I'll be back on Monday with my credit card!

*fyi* -- I decided to branch out on this blog to include all the things I love, which includes the aforementioned dress, fashion in general, artwork, food (vegetarian & vegan) decorating my house.... pretty much whatever I find spiffy.. 

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NoirGirl said...

I hope it sticks around long enough for you to get it! Fingers crossed!

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