Sunglass Chic

Driving to work without sunglasses has been a real pain. All of mine are either broken or scratched. So I decided it was time to rebuild my collection of sunglasses with some inexpensive yet chic pairs. While ModCloth had some nice retro-style ones, Forever 21 had an enormous collection of really cool sunglasses.

Peach & Brown Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21

Mint Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21

Cherry Mod Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21

Floral Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21

* all of these sunglasses provide 100% UV Protection.


Pinecone Stew said...

Suuuuuper frames !!!

Anonymous said...


Beauty Follower said...

Like a lot the black one at the end!

Anonymous said...

Love those sunglasses! Now the sun just needs to come out so I can wear them. If you have been interested just click to have a peek here ;)

Unknown said...

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Kat said...

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Unknown said...

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alexxlexx said...

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Unknown said...

Cool sunglasses! I want to have such in my collection! I have 20 pairs of glasses))
according to this site all girl like sunglasses - especially - big and black))
And what sunglasses like guys?

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