Sunglass Chic

Driving to work without sunglasses has been a real pain. All of mine are either broken or scratched. So I decided it was time to rebuild my collection of sunglasses with some inexpensive yet chic pairs. While ModCloth had some nice retro-style ones, Forever 21 had an enormous collection of really cool sunglasses.

Peach & Brown Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21

Mint Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21

Cherry Mod Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21

Floral Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21

* all of these sunglasses provide 100% UV Protection.


matt's hat

If you're a fan of USA Network's White Collar, you will have noticed that Matt Bomer has popularized the small brimmed fedora (sometimes called the "stingy brim"). Give your man a chance to recreate Matt's debonair look, with a little help from Hartford York. And don't forget to watch the return of White Collar on USA, January 19!

Leather Fedora - $42.25Borsalino Stingy Brim Fedora - $262.50

**For those of you thinking that I created this post just so I could have a reason to make a Matt Bomer picspam...you're right. ;)** Photos of Matt from mattbomerfan.com.


I've got a HUGE URGE to BUY THIS!!

Forever 21- $39.00

It seems I've been on hiatus from the internet world for most of this year, but it hasn't been intentional. I've had a crazy and turbulent year but I'm just pleased for the year to be coming to an end. One of the things, I hope to get for the upcoming year is this beautiful Faux Fur Cheetah Coat. Lately, I've been doing this kind of bohemian look, but I think I want to change it up a bit, and go a little 1960ish. Isn't it gorgeous though?!


the zumi digital


This little camera packs quite a punch; it takes digital pictures that look like film exposures! Also it's cute and tiny.


TeeFury is a site that sells a daily shirt, mostly dealing with pop culture and nerdy things, for $9 for 24 hours. I love checking it everyday, and occasionally they sell a Doctor Who shirt! (My favorite tv show)

There are also a few other sites out there like teefury:

bow bow bow your boat

both  from modcloth!

I love enormous hair bows. I think it stems from my childhood fascination with Samantha, the most popular American Girl doll among my friends.

brocade is for lovers

#3 royal reef dress $219.99 (my personal favorite!)
all from modcloth!

I've loved brocade anything - dresses, skirts, shoes - for basically ever. They just really look festive to me!
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